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Bush Tukka Guide by Samantha Martin 2nd edition
Behind the landscape of the Central Ranges by Anett Weisheit
Olive Pink: Artist, Activist & Gardener by Gillian Ward
Australian Deserts by Steve Morton
The Red Centre by H. H. Finlayson
Hope is the Thing by Johanna Bell and Erica Wagner
Outback: The Amazing Animals of Australia: A Photicular Book by Dan Kainen, Ella MortonBook cover image
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The Book of Australian Trees
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Bush Food by Jennifer Isaacs
Book cover image
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Cronin's Key Guide to Australian Wildflowers by Leonard Cronin
Cronin's Key Guide to Australian Trees by Leonard Cronin
Getting to Know the Birds in Your Neighbourhood by Darryl Jones
A Field Guide to Succulents by Misa Matsuyama
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Silk & Venom The incredible lives of spiders by James O'Hanlon
Wild Food Plants of Australia by Tim Low
The Waterwise Australian Native Garden by Angus Stewart and AB Bishop
Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed by Murray Ralph
The Flaming Desert by Peter Latz
The Australian Bird Guide: Revised Edition
What Dogs Want by Mat Ward
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The Honey of Australian Native Stingless Bees by Dean Haley
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The Compact Australian Bird Guide by Peter Menkhorst
Snakes of Australia by Gerry Swan
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Photo Guide to Snakes & Other Reptiles by Gerry Swan
Field Guide to Birds of Australia Graham Pizzey Frank Knight
Birds of Australia by Dean Ingwersen
100 Australian Birds by Georgia Angus
Two-Way Science by Chris Deslandes
Common Wildflowers of Western Australia 215 species illustrated
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Tough Tantalizing or Tasty by Peter Latz
Weed Forager's Handbook
A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia
By Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland
Starting Out With Palms by David Lloyd Jones
Starting Out With Natives by Wrigley John / Fagg Murray
Plants: Past, present and future
Native Plants for Central Australian Gardens
Grow Your Own Bush Foods by Keith & Irene Smith
Guide to the Wildflowers of Western Australia
A Field Guide to Australian Trees by Ivan Holliday
Central Australian Flora: Trees, Large Shrubs, Grasses and Sedges
Central Australian Flora: Forbs and Small Shrubs