About us

Specialising in Australian books.

As the only bricks-and-mortar independent bookshop still standing within 1500kms, Red Kangaroo Books has survived and thrived in the remote town of Alice Springs in central Australia and has been trading for over a decade.

Our Focus

Our mission is to provide the vastest selection of fiction and non-fiction books that encompass the region’s history, arts, flora and fauna, geology and travel.

Unlike the monolingual stereotype of Australia, our store houses an extensive collection of works in a wide range of Aboriginal languages such as Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara, Pintupi-Luritja, Warlpiri and more, from children’s stories to academic texts.We also play a crucial role in supporting teachers in the region, especially those working in small Aboriginal communities far from Alice Springs.

“A gallery of the ideas, knowledge, and stories that make up Mparntwe/Alice Springs. We couldn’t ask for a better curator than Red Kangaroo Books.”

Fiona Dorrell, Acting Executive Director, NT Writers Centre

We support local authors

Red Kangaroo Books excels at supporting our local writers and illustrators with local stories to tell, nurturing a community of readers and writers that share diverse ideas and experiences.

There are arguably more writers per capita in Central Australia and the Northern Territory than anywhere else in the nation. It is not unusual to have six of our top ten bestselling books written by local writers. Local writers are supported through regular book launches and promotions at the shop, and readers get to meet and talk to writers to share ideas and responses.

There is a monthly Book Club, which brings readers together; a weekly newsletter that provides information about new releases locally and around the world. The NT Writers Festival—held in Alice every two years—is strongly also supported and sponsored by us.As writer Morris Gleitzman put it: “The perfect small festival…exactly the right atmosphere to explore big and complex ideas in the company of generous minds. All in a location reminding us that stories are the foundation of every civilisation.”

Stephanie and John Capper

Meet Stephanie and John Capper, the passionate owners of Red Kangaroo Books. John, a retiree of 50 years in the television industry, initially came to Alice Springs in 2001 to work at the local television station. With retirement looming in 2007, he knew he wanted to embark on a new adventure. And what better way to spend his time than with books! So, John took the leap with Red Kangaroo Books. Since then, they never looked back.

Bronwyn Druce

Meet Bronwyn, our amazing Book Shop Manager. When Bronwyn’s parents, John and Stephanie, decided to retire and move to the seaside, they asked her to take over the bookshop. She loves the idea of not knowing who might walk through the bookshop doors each day and has had the pleasure of meeting fascinating people over the years.

Bernadette Ryan

Meet Bernadette, our talented Newsletter Editor. Bernadette is the brains behind our weekly newsletter. A country lass who then moved to a 25-year career in music management in Melbourne, Bernadette became a Red Kangaroo Books devotee, working for us in the shop for three years. On occasion she ropes in her husband, Chips Mackinolty, to come up with bad puns, obscure information and the occasional review.

Louise Omer

Louise Omer is a writer, yoga teacher, nature fiend...and enormous book nerd! Born in Tarntanya / Adelaide, she lives and works on the unceded land of the Arrernte people. Every day she has the privilege of learning more about Country and culture. She will happily recommend your next favourite read