Common Plants of Central Australia

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In arid central Australia plants have evolved to withstand the unpredictability of the seasons, with unreliable rainfall and drought common place. Fire and low rainfall shape the plant communities that exist in the many and varied landscapes of this region. The ecosystems are fragile but resilient at the same time. The iconic, red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert and the flat sandy plains of the Tanami Desert are dominated by spinifex grasslands and Acacia shrublands. Flat earthy plains and rolling rises dominated by sparse shrublands or low eucalypt woodlands cover much of the remainder of central Australia. In the more Borthern Barkly and Tennant Creek areas vast grasslands stretch for miles, sustaining the pastoral industry. The booklet uses wonderful photographs to help identify plants and the text describes key features to help further with their identification. We hope you enjoy travelling through central Australia and find this booklet helpful in appreciating its stunning flora.