Wild things by Sally Rippin

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September 21, 2002
Hardie Grant Publishers
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In this exploration of dyslexia, ADHD and neurodivergent people, best-selling author Sally Rippin asks: What happens to kids who dont learn how to read? And how can we help? When Sally Rippin discovered her child was struggling to read, the best-selling childrens author assumed it would sort itself out over time. She couldnt have been more wrong. Her sons dyslexia and ADHD went unsupported for years, leaving him further and further behind his peers, and labelled as ˜difficult by an education system that couldnt easily cater to neurodivergent kids. By the time Sally learned how to advocate for her child, it was “ almost “ too late. This extraordinary book for parents is about how we learn to read and what can happen if we dont, through the eyes of a parent who started out by doing everything the wrong way. Through meticulous research, interviews with educational experts and conversations with neurodivergent adults, Rippin shares her brilliant and eye-opening insights into how we can help all kids find the joy in reading, and advocate for them within our schooling system. After all, they say school isnt for everyone, but if everyone must go to school “ then why not?