Wakestone Hall (Stella Montgomery #3)

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THE MAGICAL CONCLUSION TO STELLA MONTGOMERY'S AWARD-WINNING STORY'the perfect conclusion to a wonderfully quirky Victorian fantasy series'-- Pages & PagesStella Montgomery is in disgrace. The Aunts have sent her to Wakestone Hall, a grim boarding school where the disobedient are tamed and the wilful are made meek. But when a friend disappears, Stella is determined to find her -- no matter the danger ...Soon Stella is thrown deeper into the mysteries of Wakestone ... and her own past. Will Stella save her friend in time? And will she discover -- at long last -- where she truly belongs?Bestselling writer-illustrator Judith Rossell returns with the breathtaking final adventure in this award-winning series. Winner of the 2019 Davitt Award for Best Children's Crime Novel.