Unravelling Us

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May 1, 2022
Bad Apple Press
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Pre-order your copy - out May 2022 ˜Rarely does an author allow you to step inside quite like Renee does_Raw and ferocious in its honesty, Renees story is one few others can tell. Liz Hayes, 60 MinutesIn 2017 Renee McBryde published her best-selling memoir in which she learned she was daughter of a convicted murderer, a secret she was made to keep by her mother, shrouding her childhood and early adulthood. In Unravelling Us, Renee delves into the most important relationship in her life, her mother, who gave birth to Renee when she was barely sixteen and living on the streets. Renee hopes that by doing this she can heal the pain of her own turbulent childhood. But the pent-up misery seeps its way into Renees life as her mum escapes into alcohol and the party life, unwittingly exposing Renee to a repeat of her own early life of neglect and abandonment. As a grown woman and child protection worker in Alice Springs, Renee is confronted with different mothering styles on a daily basis, which only serves to strengthen her resolve to break the cycle of abandonment and neglect that she herself suffered. Renee ponders the question: is it her fathers murders that she needs to run from? Or is it the parenting trauma that has been drowning her family generation after generation? And now that she is a mother herself, is it possible to stop that cycle affecting her own children?Trying to reconcile her determination to forge her own path as a mother while being surrounded by echoes of her troubled past and obligations as a daughter to an increasingly fragile mother is almost impossible. And then the unthinkable happens_ Unravelling Us is a rare account that combines a gripping, page-turning story with an examination of what it means to be a ˜good mother against the backdrop of the one of the deepest and most chronic issues that affects Australia today, Indigenous child welfare.

Renee McBryde


Renee McBryde

Renee lives in Alice Springs with her husband, four children, and their wonder dog August. By day she is a social worker, currently working in achallenging and satisfying role in child protection that aims to improve professional practice and get real outcomes for families (in
particular children) within the Northern Territory child welfare sector.
By night, when her children finally go to sleep, she is a passionate
writer who makes sense of life through words on a page. Sometimes she
write short amusing pieces on mothering and life and sends them out into
the mummy blogger sphere, but her passion and focus have primarily been
on writing books. 

In 2017, her first book, ‘The House of Lies was published by Hachette and enjoyed great success. Unravelling Us is her follow up and answers many of the questions her fans always ask her.

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