Tragedy Track The Story of the Granites by F.E. Baume

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The story of C.T. Madigan's 1932 Geological Expedition to the Tanami Desert in search of gold and the rush that followed. Baume describes his journey through the Red Centre to the desert and "the world's loneliest field". He describes the daily routine in search of gold and what was required to sustain life in this inhospitable area. He gives a brief account of the Coniston Massacre of 1928, police patrols in the Centre, the Inland Mission, desert aborigines and the challenges that confront them, and some of the characters he encountered during his time in the Territory. Tragedy Track was re-published to commemorate a milestone in one of Australia's greatest success stories - the pouring of the one millionth ounce of gold from North Flinders Mines Limited's Tanami Desert deposits in the Northern Territory on 13 September 1994. The Company's remarkable achievements - culminating in the discovery and mining of rich gold deposits at The Granites area of the Tanami - are traced in the final pages of this new edition.