The Universal Guide to the Night Sky by Lisa Harvey Smith and Sophie Beer

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August 29, 2023
Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty td
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About "Lisa takes us right from the beginning of our stargazing adventure, from setting ourselves up to view the sky, to a tour of the galaxy, to discovering and learning about planets and celestial objects. ... This is a terrific book. Compact in nature, but really brimming with information to fill young minds and encourage them to investigate the world above us." -- Jane Stephens, Good Reading. Wherever you are in this world - whether that be in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, in the city or a remote region - this book guides you through the remarkable features of planet Earth's starry sky. Receive a personal tour through the wonders of the universe from astrophysicist Lisa Harvey-Smith. Explore comets and meteors, stars, planets and moons. Find galaxies and glowing gas clouds. Spot supernovae and enjoy eclipses. Learn everything you need to know about binoculars, telescopes and photographing the stars. You will never look up at the stars in the same way again. Featuring intergalactic illustrations by Sophie Beer, this global guide to the sky is your ticket out of this world.
This is a brilliant book for beginners, with fantastic illustrations and cost-friendly pathways into stargazing.

Catherine Braiding