The House of Lies by Renee McBryde

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January 31, 2017
Hachette Australia
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About This compelling memoir of family secrets, murder, sexual assault and domestic violence is also the gripping story of Renee's constant struggle to accept the truth and her true identity, and, ultimately, to forge a life on her own terms.


From the outside, Renee McBryde had a fairly typical childhood - school, working mum, swimming lessons with loving grandparents. But waiting for her was a secret so awful that it would rock her to the core.


 Renee's mother was a teenage runaway who found herself pregnant and alone when Renee's father was jailed for killing two men. When Renee discovered the truth, she knew her life would never be the same again. She was a murderer's daughter - but that made her determined to escape the past.


This is her sometimes shocking, often moving, inspirational true story of terrible secrets and tragic lies, and a life of abuse, suffering and survival.
Renee McBryde


Renee McBryde

Renee lives in Alice Springs with her husband, four children, and their wonder dog August. By day she is a social worker, currently working in achallenging and satisfying role in child protection that aims to improve professional practice and get real outcomes for families (in
particular children) within the Northern Territory child welfare sector.
By night, when her children finally go to sleep, she is a passionate
writer who makes sense of life through words on a page. Sometimes she
write short amusing pieces on mothering and life and sends them out into
the mummy blogger sphere, but her passion and focus have primarily been
on writing books. 

In 2017, her first book, ‘The House of Lies was published by Hachette and enjoyed great success. Unravelling Us is her follow up and answers many of the questions her fans always ask her.

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