The Amazing Night Sky Atlas

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Lonely Planet Kids Amazing Night Sky Atlas, the follow up to our bestselling Amazing World Atlas, looks upwards to the skies for a fun- and fact-packed guide to astronomy. Featuring a mixture of photography and illustration, this hardcover book explores both the science of stargazing - explaining what can be seen in the night sky in different parts of the world - and the practicalities, with handy tips such as how to use a telescope. It also covers the background and history of astronomy, travelling around the world to discover the different stories cultures have told about the night sky and the influence the Moon, the stars and the movement of the planets have had on their people. Expert insights come from David Hawksett, a science writer, lecturer and researcher who has previously worked as the Science & Technology Consultant at Guinness World Records and written for Sky at Night Magazine. Perfect for learning at home, in the classroom or being given as a gift, Lonely Planet Kids Amazing Night Sky Atlas will inspire budding astronomers and excite them for a lifetime of looking to the skies.Contents includes:Introduction to the Night SkyHistory of stargazingHow to use a telescopeConstellationsSeasons in the SkyThe ZodiacPatterns in the Sky - a global guidePlanetsStarsSupernovasBlack HolesNebulasMeteor ShowersEclipsesNight sky legends from around the world