Stoney by Peter Stone

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Peter John Stone (Stoney) Born on 16 February 1944 in Brighton South Australia, experienced periods of family turmoil during his early school days along with falling victim to the dreaded Polio Disease when eight years old. These two life checks could have contributed to his rebellious attitude towards suburban schooling ending in poor results.

Leaving school at 14-1/2 years of age, he later worked in the Mallee Country where mixing with mates was like most country folk of years ago. by having a work hard. play hard attitude. This mob of lively Mallee rat-bags lived on the wild side of life way back in the wonderful ’60s and forward.

Activities at bush dances and other country venues will have the reader wondering did all this happen. Well yes, and these larrikin events that would not take place today is history that must be recorded, never to be forgotten. Follow the Authors love of the Outback and Nature with many adventurous experiences (some requiring calculated risks) into remote and beautiful areas of Australia involving 4WD’s, boats, helicopters, planes, camels and off-road buggies.