Secrets of the Saltmarsh by Claire Saxby, Alicia Rogerson

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You will find me where land meets sea …

Saltmarshes are full of energy and life. They provide food and shelter for migratory birds as well as microscopic plants and animals. They also protect our coastlines. Most of all, saltmarshes are places of discovery and wonder.

With lyrical text and captivating illustrations, Secrets of the Saltmarsh offers a close-up look at the fascinating world of saltmarsh wetlands.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 5–9.


* Explores the wonders of saltmarsh wetlands found across Australia.
* Describes the water cycle, tides, life cycles, plants, animals and migratory birds found in saltmarshes.
* Highlights the importance of this habitat for coastline conservation.