Reptiles and Frogs of Alice Springs

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A report funded by the Alice Springs Land for Wildlife program with support from the Commonwealth Governments Natural Heritage Trust and the Alice Springs Town Council.This booklet aims to assist landholders and interested individuals in the basic identification of reptiles and frogs that may occur in and around Alice Springs. Every reptile and frog known to occur within a 50 kilometres radius of Alice Springs has been included, based on confirmed records from the Parks and Wildlife Commission NT Fauna Atlas for the Alice Springs municipality and personal observations by Nic Gambold, Ray Lloyd, Greg Fyfe, Peter Comber, Steve McAlpin, and Mike Gillam. Habitat and dietary preferences are discussed to assist landholders in identifying and protecting micro-habitats that may occur on private properties.Gambold, N. & Metters, D. (2016). The Reptiles and Frogs of Alice Springs. Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife, Alice Springs NT.