Prettier if She Smiled More by Toni Jordan

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'Taps into the humour and pathos of ordinary life in a way that has you nodding with recognition . . . while at the same time laughing out loud' PIP WILLIAMS 'I just loved this very smart, very funny and at times moving novel' SOPHIE CUNNINGHAM One perfect life. One disastrous week. The brand-new novel from bestselling, acclaimed and beloved author Toni Jordan As the eldest child in a single-parent family, Kylie's always had more important things on her mind than smiling for random strangers. Controlling her job, her home, her romantic life and - most importantly - her family takes all her concentration. She's always succeeded, though, because that's just who Kylie is. When her fiercely independent mother breaks an ankle and needs help, it's up to Kylie, as usual, to fix things. She reluctantly packs her bags and moves in, but back in her childhood home, things start to unravel. Could it be that Kylie's carefully curated life is not so perfect after all? Prettier if She Smiled More will make you laugh and make you cry. Is it too late to start over? Praise for Dinner with the Schnabels: 'I loved every page of this funny, warm, delightful novel!' LIANE MORIARTY 'Told with great humour and pathos. It is a tonic and a delight' PIP WILLIAMS 'A smart, funny novel about love, marriage and family' Weekend Australian 'A contemporary comic masterpiece. Practically every page boasts lines redolent of humour, wit and sarcasm that will make you snigger if not laugh out loud' ArtsHub