Our Friends the Termites

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Take a journey into the micro-world of one of the most maligned creatures on the planet and discover the real story of termites. Find out the environmental benefits of termites and how for some they are a source of food. After years of keen observation in Western Australias Kimberley region, Pat Lowe shows that there is more to these industrious insects than their propensity to eat houses and furniture.Termites are usually regarded as pests to be poisoned and removed at all costs. They can equally be seen as the earthworms of the tropics as they provide nutrients to arid soils. They have been an important food for people and other animals throughout the centuries and their nests have been used as a building material. This is commonly known as antbed.Our Friends the Termites will enlighten anyone who has travelled through northern Australia and wondered at the strange mounds that dot the landscape. It is a fascinating and delightful read for backyard naturalists, entomologists and the simply curious.