Macquarie Concise Dictionary Eighth Edition

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The Macquarie Concise Dictionary Ninth Edition provides an up-to-date account of Australian English, with wide coverage to meet the needs of the general dictionary user. Based on the comprehensive Macquarie Dictionary Ninth Edition, this volume includes words and meanings which are peculiar to our variety of English, as well as those common to the whole English-speaking world.

The Macquarie Concise Dictionary includes:

- more than 1000 new words and definitions such as bossware, coercive control, infodemic, long COVID, Omicron, pyrocumulonimbus, range anxiety, Teal, truth-telling
- updated entries to reflect changing perspectives relating to the environment, society, politics, technology and the internet
- words and phrases from regional Australia
- illustrative phrases showing how a word is used in context
- etymologies
- valuable usage notes
- free six-month subscription to Macquarie Dictionary Online (