Kunyi by Kunyi June Anne McInerney

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Kunyi June Anne McInerney was just four years old when she and of her siblings were taken from their family to the Oodnadatta Childrens Home in South Australia in the 1960s.Through an extraordinary collection of over 60 paintings, accompanied by stories, Kunyi presents a rare chronicle of what life was like for her and the other Childrens Home kids who became her family.Her paintings are a healing trove of memories that reveal the loneliness, fear and courage of the Stolen Generation children who were torn from family and loved ones. From bible lessons to sucking bone marrow and collecting bush fruits, the escapades, adventures and sorrows of the children are painted with warmth, humour and unflinching honesty.Kunyis story is one of healing and reconciliation. She is telling it so that the lives of the children at Oodnadatta Childrens Home will not be forgotten. This is a collection of tender and honest stories that will educate children on our nations history and remind adult readers of the real impact of the Stolen Generations.