Jandamarra's War - DVD

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Jandamarra's War begins by detailing Jandamarra's early years, starting with his birth in 1873. When he was seven, Jandamarra and his mother Jinny were relocated for their safety to a cattle station at Lennard River Flats, at a time when European colonists were frequently killing Aboriginal Australians. As a teenager, he left the cattle station with his Uncle Ellemarra to be initiated in Bunuba Law. When they are caught spearing sheep both are sent to prison. After leaving prison, he was expelled from Bunuba society for sleeping with other men's women and soon after he became friends with a police officer named Richardson. Later he killed Richardson, marking the beginning of his three-year war against the Europeans.   In 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading European pastoralists in order to defend Bunuba land and culture.   Jandamarra spent the last few years of his life hiding in his spirit country, Djumbud. His incredible ability to outwit police officers led many to believe he had magical powers and many pastoralists left the Kimberley area for fear of him. His life ended when he was shot dead by Mungo Micki, an Aboriginal tracker.