Intelhiletyeke (First Nations Colouring Book)

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Intelhilemele the itelareme ayengele aneytyeke akerte. When I’m painting, I think about how I came to be.” - Amunda Gorey, Intelhiletyeke Colouring Book Artist


Being creative is really important for our spirits. Please use this colouring-in book to let your imagination wander. It’s good for your wellbeing to do a gentle, creative activity like colouring-in. It will calm you down. Invite your families and community to do this creative work with you so you can calm your stresses together. In First Nations families we all work together to create environments of wellbeing. Come! Sit down together and feel good!” - Felicity Hayes, Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe (Children’s Ground Central Australia) Co-Director


This A4 colouring book is illustrated by Amunda Gorey. It features 60 pages of high quality artworks.