Guwayu, for all times A Collection of First Nations poems Edited by Jeanine Leane

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I travel Country, like my Old People done. I see the Country, like my Old People done

I burn Country, like my Old People done. I sing Country, like my Old People done

- Jacob Morris, Ban Maganindadjyang (My Old People Done)

This fiercely uncensored collection features 61 poems from First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages, and together they are an exquisite expression of living First Nations culture.

Journey through a range of poetic forms from lyric, confessional, protest, narrative and song, showcasing new voices and established poets.

Guwayu is edited by Wiradjuri poet, Dr Jeanine Leane, produced by Red Room Poetry, a leading arts organisation committed to making poetry in meaningful ways.

"The Australian literary landscape needs this bold, brave intervention to wake it up from the 232-year slumber and the dream of the settler mythscape. Guwayu breaks the silence. Feel the beauty, hear our words."“ Dr Jeanine Leane