Girl Stuff for Girls Aged 8-12 by Kaz Cooke, Roy McMillan, Brian Boyd

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About The essential younger girl's guide to puberty and the pre-teen years. Fully revised and updated. Kaz Cooke, best-selling author of Girl Stuff for teens, expertly adapts her advice for younger audiences, addressing the unique challenges faced by tweens navigating early adolescence. Thoughtfully answering key questions like Should I use pads or tampons?, What can I do about pimples?, and How do I deal with someone who is mean to me?, Girl Stuff 8-12 offers a blend of humour, expert advice, and relatable content to guide girls through the thrilling yet challenging journey of early adolescence. Here's everything you need to know about being a pre-teen, including- > body changes > dealing with friends & bullies > getting confident > first periods > pimples > hair (wherever it is) > phones & being online > what to eat > being fit & healthy > the best books & movies > how to be happy with your own true self > & lots more! Girl Stuff 8-12 fits under your pillow and is written with the help of medical and other experts. PS- This book is for girls aged 8 to 12. Girls 12+ need Girl Stuff 13+- Your Full-on Guide to the Teen Years.