Death Leaves The Station

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A nameless friar turns up at Halfwell Station at the same time that Ana, the adopted daughter of the station owners, discovers a body in the desert during her midnight walk. But when Ana returns to look for it, the body is gone.Death Leaves the Station brings the cosy country-house intrigue of crime fictions golden age to the Australian wheatbelt, and was written for fans of classic mystery and crime fiction.PRAISE FOR THE BOOK˜With Death Leaves the Station, a strong and highly entertaining new voice can now be added to the great tradition of cosy, historical murder mysteries. Books+Publishing˜Thorpes witty descriptions are laugh-out-loud funny and his Latinate sentences are a pleasure to read _ The novel is tightly plotted and provides an enjoyable and thought-provoking insight into Western Australias past. Writing WA˜Well-researched, with a key eye for humour, Death Leaves the Station is a strong debut _ serving up a mystery that will appeal to fans of those classic mysteries, your Agatha Christies and the like. AU Review˜_ Thorpes dry sense of humour is evident throughout his work. Western Suburbs Weekly˜Keeping you guessing until the end, this is an impressive debut from a new Australian author. Abbeys Bookshop˜The novel is a classic whodunnit set in the 1927 Australian wheatbelt and featuring equal parts comedy, drama, suspense and a serious look at Western Australias past. RTRFM˜_ Thorpes use of language and description is masterful _ Beauty and Lace˜It makes for an entertaining read with a distinctively Southern Cross twist” and I loved it. Reading Matters˜If youre looking for an enjoyable, escapist summer read, look no further than this debut by Perth author Alexander Thorpe ” especially if youre a fan of Agatha Christie novels and other classic murder mysteries. The Weekend West˜Alexander Thorpes debut novel is an intriguing crime novel_ It is not often that a mystery novel can be described as different and unusual but this one is _ Good Reading