Celtic Fairy Tales and Legends

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12 classic Celtic fairy tales and their history, from mermaids to dragons.

The Celtic cultures of the British Isles—Ireland, Scotland, and Wales—have produced some of the richest traditional tales in Europe. Three words best sum up their themes and flavor: adventure, enchantment, and romance.

In this book, Rosalind Kerven has revived the best Celtic fairy tales for a new generation. The stories are sourced from old folk tale collections from all three regions, alongside selected medieval Welsh and Irish texts. This book complements the stories found in English Fairy Tales & Legends.

Stories include: The Eagle and the Owl, King Cormac and the Golden Apples, The Hunter and the Seals, The Daughter of King Under-Wave, The Swan Princess, and The Red Etin’s Riddles.

The book also includes notes on each story: the history and where it came from, its development, and short summaries of many related or similar stories.