Capriccio: a novel

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A tale of literary lovers for lovers of literature, Capriccio: A Novel is based on one of the most notorious love triangles of the twentieth century.When Esther, a Russian-Jewish refugee, meets Larry and Grace, poets on the brink of fame, a drama of intrigue and betrayal is set in motion. Set in London in the swinging sixties, Capriccio is a story of obsessive love, finally told from Esthers perspective.Names have been changed out of respect for those still living.This second edition ebook and hardback contain additional content not available in the paperback or flowable ebook versions, including a coda, bibliography and appendices.˜I think this is a fine evocation with barely a false note. I was fascinated by this work and its crisp style.Thomas Keneally, celebrated author of ˜Schindlers Ark.˜What is true of their tempestuous, compulsive relationship could easily be true of any of us. Its a wonderful book.Leone Sperling, author of ˜Coins for the Ferryman and ˜Oasis.˜Scrupulously researched, this empathetic work sheds new light on a difficult subject. Dinas take on this true story is new, highly intimate and absorbing. It will be a much talked about book.Penelope Nelson, author of ˜Blighs Daughter and ˜Penny Dreadful.Read less