Ben Designated Marksman by Gary Baxter

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July 9, 2022
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About 'Just locate my daughter and report back.' Ben Woolford's brief was pretty simple. Or was it?
Former SAS marksman Ben Woolford relishes the simple life of retirement from active duty. He spends his time as a private investigator, tracking down the occasional missing person or collecting the odd bad debt. It is solitary work, but it is easy money, and moreover, he doesn't have anyone trying to kill him. That is until he takes on a small job of locating millionaire Frank DeLuca's twenty-five-year-old daughter, who went missing a week ago from Darwin. It sounds like a simple enough job. Seventy-two hours later, Ben finds himself lying face first in the hot, red desert sand, staking out an abandoned, rusty corrugated-iron fortress in the middle of nowhere. It's meant to be a find and report back. But when the gunfire starts, leaving blood and bodies everywhere, Ben has to fight for his own life. And that's just the beginning.
This isn't a job for a PI, but what else is he to do?
Notably, this novel has especially been written for people like Gary himself, who love to read, but whose fast and busy lives often result in no time for the pleasure of reading a good book.
'Ben is a novel that was written like an Aussie action movie. I wanted it to appeal to that person like I was, that didn't read books. It has multiple plots and action, on every page. It is fiction, of course, but with realistic scenarios. It has guns, cars, motorbikes, major crime, investigations, and a little romance. I really hope you enjoy it.' Gary Baxter.