An Aussie Character and Patriotic Latvian

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A story about mateship, community, and survival “ from Latvia to Tennant Creek, Borroloola and Vanderlin Island.This book tells of an amazing displaced patriotic Latvian, GunÄÅr BeÄ·eris, who became an Aussie character after calling Australia home for 58 years.He maintained a strong connection to Latvia and memories of family in his soul, while embracing the remoteness of the Northern Territory.He was a unique person, who survived countless situations and predicaments where others may have not survived.The book captures his conventional life, living for 20 years in the small mining town of Tennant Creek. There he found a vibrant multicultural community, with acceptance of all people. Everyone supported each other and lifelong mateships were formed.It is a place where the heart of the town never seems to leave those who have a fondness of living there.Desperate for a sea change, GunÄÅr moved to Vanderlin Island where he engrossed himself with his passion of fishing and hunting, leading an unconventional lifestyle for 32 years. He formed many lifelong mateships: mates who embraced adventure, his companionship and respected his unique lifestyle.The author, having lived in Tennant Creek for almost fourteen years, has a strong desire to give back to Tennant Creek. Jennifer encourages others to embrace the vast open Australian landscape, venture to the outback, townships and communities, and to meet more Aussie characters.