This Book Thinks Ya Deadly!: A Celebration of Blak Excellence by Corey Tutt

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This Book Thinks Ya Deadly! is an inspirational, illustrated compendium that celebrates the diversity and success of First Nations People. Written by Corey Tutt, author of The First Scientists, this book features the profiles of 80 Blakfellas who are doing deadly things across sport, art, activism and science, through to politics, education and literature. It showcases the careers and Corey’s personal stories of First Nations People who have done great things in their respective fields, including Professor Marcia Langton, Miranda Tapsell, Tony Armstrong, Dr Anita Heiss, Danzal Baker (Baker Boy), Adam Goodes and Blak Douglas.  Molly Hunt’s deadly illustrations make this book the perfect gift for all ages. A celebration of Blak excellence, it will inspire future generations to create change and leave readers to ponder, ‘What makes ME deadly?’ A cool gift book from the founder of DeadlyScience and author of The First Scientists.

Publisher: Hardie Grant
Publication: 7 June 2023
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781741178159
Category: Popular Culture, First Nation Authors
Age interest: 13+ years to 99+ years

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