The Boy from Boomerang Crescent - out August 2022

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Its a long, hard road from the Nullarbor to the MCG.How does a self-described ˜skinny Aboriginal kid overcome a legacy of family tragedy to become an AFL legend? One things for sure: its not easy. But then, theres always been something special about Eddie Betts.Betts grew up in Port Lincoln and Kalgoorlie, in environments where the destructive legacies of colonialism “ racism, police targeting of Aboriginal people, drug and alcohol misuse, family violence “ were sadly normalised. His childhood was defined by family closeness as well as family strife, plus a wonderful freedom that he and his cousins exploited to the full “ for better and for worse.When he made the decision to take his talents across the Nullarbor to Melbourne to chase his footballing dreams “ homesickness be damned “ everything changed. Over the ensuing years, Betts became a true giant of the sport: 350-plus games, 600-plus goals, multiple All-Australian nods and Goal of the Year awards, and a league-wide popularity rarely seen in the hyper-tribal AFL.Along the way, he battled his demons before his turbulent youth settled into responsible maturity. Today, the man the Melbourne tabloids once dubbed ˜bad boy Betts is a dedicated husband and father, a respected community leader and an increasingly outspoken social activist.Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and always honest “ often laceratingly so “ The Boy from Boomerang Crescent is the inspirational life story of a champion, in his own words. Whether hes narrating one of his trademark gravity-defying goals from the pocket, the discrimination hes faced as an Aboriginal person or the birth of his first child, Bettss voice “ intelligent, soulful, unpretentious “ rings through on every page.The very human story behind the plaudits is one that will surprise, move and inspire.