Pictures from my memory by Lizzie Marrkilyi Ellis


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Pictures From My Memory is a compelling and accessible autobiographical account of Lizzie Marrkilyi Ellis’ life as a Ngaatjatjarra woman from the Australian Western Desert.

Born in the bush at the time of first contact between her family and White Australians, Ellis’s vivid personal reflections offer both an historical record and profound emotional insight into her unique experience of being woven between cultures — her Aboriginal community and the Western worlds.

The book is preceded by an introduction and followed by an anthropological overview of Ngaatjatjarra culture by anthropologist Laurent Dousset.

‘Lizzie’s story is a generous gift; she draws us gently in to share her extraordinary life. She is a talented storyteller, shining a light on Aboriginal culture and its power as she charts her people’s momentous journey.’ — Professor Carmen Lawrence, University of Western Australia (former Premier of Western Australia)

‘With the skills of a multilingual interpreter and one grounded in her own domain, Lizzie Ellis’s narrative moves through these spaces with grace and confidence.‘ — Professor Fred R Myers, Silver Professor of Anthropology, New York University.

Publisher: Aboiginal Studies Press.
Published: 01 May 2016.
Format: Paperback, 153pp.
ISBN: 9780855750350.
Category: Autobiography.

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