One Voice Medicine: Conversations with First Peoples Healers by Valerie Albrecht

One Voice Medicine: Conversations with First Peoples Healers by Valerie Albrecht

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About the book:

A call for Indigenous healing practices to be comprehensively incorporated in health, medicine, education, employment and justice.

One Voice Medicine is wisdom-full conversations with healers in remote communities and towns from the Pilbara in Western Australia to Central Australia and western New South Wales.

Albrecht has crafted the conversations with attention to detail, using place names in language and considering FIrst Peoples cyclical time. She invites readers into stunning landscapes and pertinent academic contexts.


About the Author:

This is Valerie’s fifth published book. Her writings concern the human longing to understand and connect deeply with self, others and the mysteries of the Divine Narrative.

Her previous works are:

Thirty Days, 2019
The Story Behind The Story – Biography of a Navaho Medicine Man 2017
Search for Mother, Journaling, 2011, 2015
Search for Mother, 2008

Valerie’s hope is for us to overcome our divides in ways of looking, particularly at health approaches, cultures and religions – she has spent much of the last two decades learning and writing with Native American, Mayan and Australian Aboriginal healers.

When not writing Valerie practises as a Speech Pathologist, clinical health mentor, yoga and life story teacher. Playing her cello and being still in nature keeps her faith in the good-ness and God-ness in all. Author photos by Barbie Robinson, Writing with Light 

Published by: Valerie Albrecht
Publication date: Jul 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780646862712

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