Kulilkatima, Seeking Understanding by Ted Egan

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About the Book:

This book sees Ted Egan begin with ‘Kulilkatima … Try to understand, this land Australia …’ and then proceed to give us his understanding and experience to point a path forward for the nation.

He ranges from teaching ethics in schools to future urban car-parking systems, and he has hopes for a special place for the First Australians in his tomorrow, throwing a flag and a national anthem into our luggage for the journey.


Earlier last year, I received from Ted Egan a copy of his latest book, Kulilkatima (Seeking Understanding). The front cover shows a map of Australia with states in different colours — but what’s this? All of Australia and its offshore islands north of the Tropic of Capricorn are depicted as a new state called North Australia and Ted provides a cogent and intelligent analysis of how and why. Alice Springs/Mparntwe lies just below that cut-off point and becomes part of South Australia. The dreams do not disappear. At every turn in this book was a place I’ve been, a name I’ve heard of or an event I’ve attended. This is a book for the widely travelled in Australia, a bookish version of Heather Ewart’s Back Roads series – a celebration of the land – and it’s a book for “new chums”, too. To know this land is to love and respect it, and to be armed against those who would try to disguise and change it for divisive purposes. – Jim Kable

About the Author:

Ted Egan has lived in the Northern Territory for over 60 years, writing and singing songs (recording 30 albums) and telling stories for much of it, and was its Administrator for four years.

He has written a number of books, most recently his one-volume autobiography Outback Songman. Read more here.

More by the author:

Outback Songman

Publisher: Kerr Publishing
Published: 26 January 2022
Format: Paperback, 143p
ISBN: 9781875703500
Category: Ethnic studies, Australia

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