Knots in a box: 30 essential knots

Knots in a box: 30 essential knots

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Master the art of 30 essential knots This entertaining, easy-to-follow, and eminently practical set of 30 cards will equip readers with knotting skills to last a lifetime. Each card features step-by-step in instructions for knot tying and mastering. From the clove hitch to the Albright knot, readers will learn an array of loops, hitches and binding knots as well as variations of the most famous examples.


Author Biography: CHRIS DURIEZ is a Scottish children’s illustrator and printmaker based in Cambridge. Having worked for many years as an animator and primary school teacher in the big city, he is now working towards a masters in children’s book illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing
Published: 26 October 2023
Format: 30 Cards
Category: Sports & Recreation
Interest age: 7+ years