Hard to bear by Isabelle Oderberg

Hard to bear by Isabell Oderberg

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Every day in Australia people experience miscarriage and many of these people do not get the support they desperately need. Hard to Bear investigates how and why we are failing people who experience pregnancy loss, and provides a roadmap for how we can do better.

Miscarriage is incredibly common, yet far too often dismissed or mismanaged in all iterations of care: medical, psychological and societal. These failures compound and magnify the trauma felt by thousands of people every year. 

Perhaps it’s a busy doctor who thoughtlessly dismisses their patient’s physical or mental pain, or an emergency department falling short of best-practice care, or a psychologist failing to identify the depths of their patient’s anxiety or grief. It might even be the patient’s own friends and family who don’t quite know what to say, so they say the worst things, compounding sorrow and loss. 

Hard to Bear combines personal stories, with in-depth investigative journalism to help us understand how the system is letting women down, and what we can do to change it. 

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