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In this updated edition of the bestselling book, Finding the Heart of the Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander author Thomas Mayor gets behind the politics and legal speak to explain why the Uluru Statement from the Heart is an invitation to all Australians.

Australia is set to vote on a referendum to enshrine a First Nations voice in the constitution as a result of the 2022 federal election. In this book, Thomas focuses on the stories of First Nations People, including some new voices, looking at the truth of our past and present, and hopes for a better future. Importantly, he shares with you – the Australian public – how we all have the power to make change. The campaign for Voice Treaty Truth, starting with a referendum, is an opportunity to right some of the wrongs, give First Nations People a seat at the table, and to recognise that we are a nation with over 60,000 years of continuous culture.

Completing his writing just after the 2022 federal election, Thomas has included a new introduction and conclusion, as well as a call to action for all Australians. Now in a paperback format, this collection of stories offers hope and tells us how we, as Australians, may find our collective heart.

'The Uluru Statement is the nation’s most sacred document. Thomas’ book explains how and importantly why Indigenous Voices should be heard.' – Linda Burney

'Our nation is on the cusp of great change, and this eloquent book will take you on the journey. Don’t be a bystander.' – Rachel Perkins

'Thomas Mayor’s book gives great insight to the breadth and depth of the driving force that created the Uluru Statement and why, in the end, it will be irresistible.' – Kerry O’Brien

'Thomas Mayor’s book is full of spirit. The spirit of struggle. The spirit of survival. The spirit to make change for a better Australia.' – Professor Marcia Langton

'Your support for the Uluru Statement can create the change required for a better life and a common future for all Australians. Read this book. Start learning now. It will benefit our grandchildren.' – Ken Wyatt

‘Read this book. Take the time to listen to the heartbeat of our country.’ – Professor Jackie Huggins

‘The Uluru Statement from the Heart is indeed a most gracious gift from people with no reason to be so generous. In telling us the story of how it was created and explaining what it is hoped it can offer both First Australians and the Nation as whole, Thomas Mayor reveals what a truly transformational gift it is – if only we take it.’ – Laura Tingle

‘A profound piece of work that asks us to consider a future where First Nations people and culture are placed at the heart of our country. Thomas Mayor’s seminal book is like a hand outstretched, an invitation to jointly create a better Australia.’ – Patricia Karavelas

‘The union movement has a long and proud history of solidarity with First Nations people in the campaign for Voice, Treaty and Truth. Thomas and the voices he has shared with us tell much of this history, and they demonstrate how workers can continue to do so.’ – Sally McManus

‘Thomas carries in his soul the history, hopes and aspirations of his people. He is a powerful and tireless advocate for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in our Constitution. We are all indebted to you, Thomas, for this guiding light to the heart of our nation.’ – Danny Gilbert

‘When you read this book about the gracious, generous invitation to all of Australia that is the Uluru Statement from the Heart, you’ll wonder how could it be otherwise?’ – Paul Daley

‘This book takes you on the journey to building the people’s movement for Voice, Treaty, Truth. I am walking with First Nations sisters and brothers. Join me.’ – Mich-Elle Myers

‘Progress is neither inevitable nor linear. We – the people – decide what line progress will take and how hard we will work to achieve it. This book inspires progress on repairing the mistakes in our past.’ – Jon Faine, journalist and author

‘I loved the first edition of Finding the Heart of the Nation. All Australians should read it.’ – JP Janke

‘As we have a national discussion about a Voice, we can't forget the movement started in the heart. Finding The Heart of the Nation offers a powerful reminder of the gift from the Elders and the call to action to all Australians.’ – Dan Bourchier


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