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Exo-Dimensions is a roller coaster of a ride into central Australian Indigenous creation stories, woven through family relationships, honour and sheer adventure. This story unsettles linear time as the past catches up with the future and vice versa, while the present reveals itself in intimate moments of connections, losses and mayhem. This book is a classic, one that readers will pick up to experience a dizzyingly accurate picture of the chaotic rhythms we are currently living through.

Seraphina is a member of the Stick Mob Creatives, along with Declan Miller, Alyssa Mason and Lauren Boyle. Seraphina grew up in a family of famous traditional artists from the Luritja and Arrernte Lands of Central Australia. She has been painting since she was five. She loves to read comics and watch thriller movies, especially those with a good plot twist. She creates graphic novels because ‘they make me feel good and relaxed; they take my mind off things!’

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