Crossing the Line by Nick McKenzie

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An explosive exposé and testament to the power of investigative journalism. In mid-2017, whispers from Australia’s most secretive and elite military unit reached Walkley Award-winning journalist Nick McKenzie. McKenzie and veteran reporter Chris Masters began an investigation that would not only reveal shocking information about Australia’s most famous and revered SAS soldier but plunge the two reporters into the defamation trial of the century. For five years, McKenzie waged an epic fight for the truth to be acknowledged, persuading special forces soldiers to reveal dark secrets about the murders of prisoners and civilians involving Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith. This fight to investigate allegations of war crimes and murder took McKenzie across Australia and to Afghanistan and from the newsroom to the courtroom. It would see him sued for defamation by Ben Roberts-Smith, who denied the allegations. The reporter had to confront the powerful forces that could destroy his career and silence brave SAS soldiers who were prepared to speak up. An enthralling and meticulously researched book, Crossing the Line tells the untold story of how a small group of brave soldiers and two determined reporters exposed one of the greatest military scandals in Australian history.

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