Bugs: Facts That Fit in Your Hand: 49 Incredible Insects, Spiders & More! – Fandex Kids

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Fandex Kids: Bugs includes cards for 49 insects, plus fun facts, cool sidebars, and a glossary. It’s Fandex reinvented, in a fresh, new format designed just for curious kids! Kids love bugs, and Fandex puts them right in your hands like the bombardier beetle, which can spray its enemies with a boiling hot chemical fluid, or the tiny, pesky flea with its impressive ability to jump 100 times its size,  the equivalent of a human being able to leap to the top of a 45-story building. And this deck has a special bonus: In ‘Learning from Nature’ sidebars, kids learn how bugs inspire inventions in the fields of medicine, engineering, and even programming.              The bestselling Fandex decks have been given a complete overhaul to make them just right for children ages 8 and up – the illustrations are brighter and bolder, the die-cuts are simplified to make the cards easier to leaf through, and the text is livelier and age-appropriate. But the unique promise of Fandex is right here a ‘facts that fit in your hand’ die-cut-card-deck format packed with fascinating images and information about topics kids love.