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About the Book:

The deceptively calm waters of Blue Moon Bay host a gallery of flamboyantly grotesque characters. Their winding and poignant journeys always teeter on the edge of absurdity while remaining strangely moving, testament to the enormous affection with which they are drawn.

There is the sexy but troubled Solange, Pope the footy coach and founder of a new religion, and Noddy Mason, taxi driver extraordinaire who is made of wood. Chief amongst the characters is the Fatman, vital to the town’s prosperity with his gluttonous appetite and mastery of turd diving and final piped farts.

In fact the town itself and its inhabitants collectively are the main game. It really is a theatre of voices, with the beautiful and often hilarious drawings always the key notes. And the saving grace of music is a lovely way to end it.

The wildness, the freedom, the low down, lavatorial, alcohol-drenched mindlessness of the characters and their extraordinary pursuits, make for a work that is utterly original.

About the Author:

Born in the foothills of the Dandenong Range, second child of four, I was lucky to be raised in semi-rural peace and prosperity. Horticulturalists and orchardists were the early settlers.

We never went without and managed on father’s modest income as an engineer with the State Electricity Commission. I benefitted from good quality public schooling and a secondary teaching bursary that led to several years teaching high school art in the Mallee.

The work was secure; I loved the climate, prospered at football and made several long-term friends. Read more here.

More by the author:

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Publisher: Rod Moss
Published: 2019
Format: Paperback, 147p
ISBN: 9780646999142
Category: Graphic Novel

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